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Deep Dive Mower Series

New in 2022 - Super SF

A yellow stand-on mower on a platform with diamond plate flooring at a trade show.
The Super SF in the Hustler booth at the 2021 GIE show.

Back in October, we visited the GIE Expo in Louisville, Kentucky where we unveiled three new zero-turn mowers for 2022 – the Surfer Pro, Super SF, and the all-electric Zevo residential mower. We also introduced an updated version of our popular commercial model, the FasTrak. If you attended the show, you had a chance to get up close and personal with each mower and even try one for yourself at the outdoor demo. For those of you who couldn’t make the trip, we’re doing a deep dive series to go in-depth about our new offerings. Next up is the newest addition to our stand-on family of mowers, and it’s a big one, the Super SF.  

To create the Super SF, we built on the power and strength of our Super S zero-turn mower and gave it MORE! Super SF boasts beefy 26” tires, dual fuel tanks, and has a transport speed of up to 15 mph. The Super SF is a monster mower for the busy commercial contractor who needs to mow large properties with speed and precision.

Two of the most impressive aspects of the Super SF are the engine and transmission. We offer a Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine (38.5hp) or optional Vanguard Big Block EFI with Oil Guard (40 hp). The transmission combines Hydro-Gear 21cc pumps, Parker TG wheel motors, 6-quart reservoir capacity, and an 8” cooling fan to create one of the biggest hydraulic systems in the industry.  

The simple goal of any zero-turn mower is to cut grass and the Super SF hits that mark with speed and efficiency. The Hustler Turf VX deck was specifically engineered for extreme vacuum and consistent cutting. Deck options range from a wide 60 inches to an even wider 72 inches. Electric actuator deck lift allows the operator to “raise on the fly” to avoid obstacles. The Super SF can run flat-out at up to 15 mph or using the speed control adjustment bar, can be quickly set at up to 10 mph for training purposes or delicate trimming jobs.  

A yellow stand-on mower being driven outside next to hay bales.
The Super SF at the Hustler outdoor booth at GIE 2021.

At our demo booth at GIE
, the Super SF received plenty of attention from landscapers when they saw it in action, especially when we mentioned the transmission is larger than our next leading competitor in its class.

In The Weeds
  • Engine - Kawasaki FX1000 EFI, Vanguard Big Block EFI Oil Guard
  • Three-year engine warranty
  • Transmission - Hydro-Gear 21cc PY pumps with Parker TG wheel motors
  • Fuel Capacity – 13.9 gallons
  • Speed – Up to 15 mph
  • Exclusive VX Deck
  • Electric actuator deck lift
  • 26” drive tires


Available accessories (sold separately)

  • Mulch kit
  • Mesh side bagger
  • Light kit
  • Stripe kit

Ready to find out more information? Visit the Super SF page on our website for spec sheets and a link to find your nearest Hustler Dealer.

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