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VX Deck

The all new Hustler VX deck is engineered for extreme vacuum.  The deck more efficiently draws grass and leaves up into the mower blades resulting in a consistent cut for all grass types including thin dry grass.
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Super S
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Open Air Channel

Across the entire front of deck allows crossflow in front of cutting chamber to improve vacuum across the width of the deck.

Internal Front Wall Height

Reduced to allow grass to better stand back up.

Cut-Off Baffle

Increases throughput, balances airflow.

Front Wall to Blade Distance

Opened to provide better grass throughput and wider and more even clipping dispersal.

Anti-scalp Wheels

Located outside the deck to keep the air channel unobstructed.

Blade Bolt Protectors

Guards the bolts from being sheared off from uneven ground or hard debris.

Extra-High Sail Blades

Creates better lift.

“Sharp” Wrapper Intersections

Reduces volume of air flow across the back of the deck.

7 ga. Deckplate with 7 ga. Stamped Spindle Mounts

Provide increased strength and longer life in tough conditions.

Front of the Deck

11 ga. bull nose/ramp protects the leading edge and extends the life of the deck.

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