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Seven Steps to Get Your Mower Ready for Spring

A man kneeling in front of a mower deck with a hand turning a bolt back on that holds a one of the mower's blades.

When springtime arrives and those first blades of grass appear, we know it’s tempting to head outside, fire up your lawn mower and cut them down, but you’ll need to do a little prep work first. A mower that’s been sitting in storage all winter requires some much-needed attention before getting back on the turf. Follow our seven-step checklist below to get your mower properly maintained and ready for the season.

If you own a Hustler Turf zero-turn lawn mower, you’ll appreciate our flip-up seat pan, removable floor pan, and toolless removable pulley covers that make quick work of cleaning and pre-season maintenance.

Do a Walk-Around

Like a pilot getting ready to take off into the blue skies, you need to walk around your mower and check the condition. Depending on how long it sat idle, you want to make sure there are no cracks, leaks, or corrosion on battery terminals. And don’t forget to check wires for critter-bites.  

Clean It Up

Grab the air hose and blow off any dirt, dust, or debris that may have taken up residence on your mower in the off-season. If it’s caked on, you may need to use a scraper and a little elbow grease but it’s worth it. This is especially important under the mower deck where grass clippings can get stuck causing rust and blockage of the discharge chute.

Change the Spark Plug

Treating your mower to a new spark plug each year is an economical way to ensure your mower will start up quickly each mowing season.

Check the Oil

The engine of your mower is a critical component that requires maintenance before the season begins and monitoring throughout. If you didn’t drain the oil before storing your mower, drain and replace it now. Start with fresh oil and stay current on regular oil-change intervals. If you’re not sure how often it should be changed, refer to your owner’s manual for guidance.

Check the Filter Trifecta – Air, Oil, and Fuel Filters

Filters are made to do one thing – keep debris and foreign particles out of your critical mower components including the engine and carburetor. Check each of these items and replace if necessary. Again, if you didn’t do it before you stored your machine for the winter, change the filter now and set yourself up for lawncare success.

Sharpen/Replace Mower Blades

If you want to get an even cut and have the straightest stripes on the block, it all starts with the shape of your blades. Inspect mower blades before the new season begins. If you see bent blades, chips, dents, or other imperfections that would cause uneven cutting, it’s time to replace. Not sure where to buy mower blades for your zero-turn mower - call your local Hustler Turf dealer.

Add Fresh Fuel

Gasoline can go bad in as little as 30 days and running a lawn mower with old gas can cause sputtering, hesitation, and stalling. If gas has been sitting in your mower all winter - drain, dispose of it properly, and fill up with a fresh tank.

When In Doubt – Call A Dealer

If you’re not comfortable handling your own maintenance or just don’t have the time, you can always reach out to your nearest outdoor power equipment dealer.They’ll have the knowledge and expertise to get your mower ready for the long hot season ahead.

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